In the medina of Meknes, time sometimes seems to have stopped. However, behind these high walls, a multitude of craftsmen are busy making and renewing authentic and modern productions at the same time.
The art of damasking is visible on vases, plates, bracelets and other finely decorated objects.
Embroidery and tannery are also mastered by father-in-son craftsmen.

The Souks of the city of Meknes are among the most unusual and picturesque of all Morocco. Here, everyday objects have a very special aspect. Souks are a place where you can usually buy at reasonable prices.
Here are some souks you can visit

SOUK LAHDIM: you will taste the best olives of Morocco. The reputation of the olive merchants has spread throughout the country. There you will find dozens of different preparations. The use and politeness want you to taste several before making your choice. A way to pay tribute to the craftsman who prepared them.
Meknes Medina and Lahdim Square have shops of all kinds.

SOUK SEKKAKINE: you can buy knives, tin objects teapots and other traditional objects that will surprise you with their originality.

SOUK BEZZAZINE: you will find all the objects related to basketry, wicker and crafts. You will notice the smell of wicker that emerges from this area and you can find the most beautiful wicker baskets made by hand from all over Morocco.

BAB EL JDID: musical instruments and flea market

SOUK NEJJARINE: carpentry workshop

SOUK SEBBAT: shoes, fabrics, clothing

SOUK EL HERIR: silky fabric

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