A source of traditional crafts, Meknes has an authentic and specific stamp particularly with regard to the art of wood (sculpted, dyed), weaving (carpets, hanbel, embroidery...), the art of wrought iron, damascened iron, brass ware, jewellery, leather (leather goods, bindings and slippers), ceramic and cut stones.

The so-called damascened ironwork is unanimously recognized in Morocco.

There is also the work of silversmith of carpenters and craftsmen and the manufacture of moucharabias, embellishment of grates and windows made of cedar wood shaped and assembled geometrically.

The handicraft sector has about 21,000 units specialized in the production of handcrafted wood (carved, dyed, turned) weaving (carpets, hanbel, traditional sewing, embroidery), leather (leather goods, binding, babouches), metals (metal work, damascus goods, jewellery) and earth (ceramics, pottery, traditional zellige, sculpture on plaster).

In terms of infrastructure, the region  of Meknes has a craft complex in the city of Meknes, as well as two vocational training centres and a pottery workshop.

Moroccan Arts Museum

The Jamai Palace, former residence of a vizier, is now the house of  the Museum of Moroccan Arts and its sumptuous collections of faience, embroidery, carpets, woodwork, jewellery...

The decorations of zelliges, carved plasters and painted wood, as well as the Andalusian garden planted with cypress trees and fruit trees, give a nice idea of the luxury that a house of the upper bourgeoisie of the city coule achieve.

This museum dedicated to local crafts is worth a visit.


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