Built by Moulay Ismaïl, it was the main entrance to the city of gardens (Medina Er Ryad El Anbari or city of the amber garden) and the former mellah «Jewish quarter».

Inscriptions engraved on the pediment said: «  I am the happy door as proud as the full moon in the sky. My imposing and joyful structure tells all about the glory of Sultan Moulay Ismail. He built me in the happy year of 1098(H)».

This door is the only trace that remains of the neighborhood of the gardens that housed vizirs and senior officials during the reign of Moulay Ismaïl.

This district was razed in 1729 by Moulay Abdellah, son of Moulay Ismail, in reaction to the mocking reception of the inhabitants upon his return from a lost battle against the rebels.

Nearby, the tower named Bel-kari which as a part of the defensive system of the imperial city, was installed in 2006 as a museum of pottery of the Rif and anti Rif regions.


Address: Meknes
Opening date: 1729


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